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Chapter 5: The Radiant Robbery

Chapter 5: The Radiant Robbery

After the trouble with the Thalmor Wizards on the tough roads. The Hunter of Blunders had finally reached the city of Solitude, surrounded by a thick stone wall and protected by General Tullius' legion. He entered the city gates as the earlier clouds diminished and the beams of sunlight were revealed. The Hunter walked down the main street, intending to explore and find a good location to sell off his goods. 

A short walk from the city gates soon brought a small market into sight, including a fish stall. A quick browse through the vendor's wares delivered little interest from the Hunter and he turned away from the market, heading towards The Winking Skeever, a small Inn located near the city gates.

He took a seat on a wooden stool beside the bar counter, opposite the Publican, Corpulus Vinius. A short conversation about the peculiar name of the Inn led to the Hunter asking to rent a room with the coin he had collected from the corpses of his enemies. Corpulus kindly accepted the Hunter's coin and led him to a well furnished room upstairs. 

After a period of settling into the warm, comfortable rented room, the Hunter of Blunders decided it would be best to continue exploring the surrounding area. Word around the Inn had sparked the Hunter's interest when discussion about the rich yet incredibly rude Altmer sisters running the upper class clothing store across the street arose.

The Hunter was always keen to make some easy coin in the city, especially after having so much trouble finding coin in Skyrim's dangerous wilderness. The opportunity to steal from this store and make good use of his sneaking abilities was simply too tempting.


He returned to the Inn and headed back upstairs to his room intending to rest till nightfall. He later peaked out of one of the room's windows and patiently watched as the citizens of Solitude returned to their homes, leaving the streets empty but for the occasional guard patrol. He eventually crossed the street, hiding in the shadows provided by Radiant Raiment and the surrounding walls.


It was not long until the Hunter took a gap in a guardsman's patrol as an opportunity to open the locked door of the clothing store. Unfortunately, he managed to break several of his lock picks that he found during his travels across Skyrim before successfully unlocking it. He then quietly opened Radiant Raiment's wooden door, closing it behind him just before one of Solitude's guards walked past the store.


Upon entering Radiant Raiment, he cautiously walked towards the counter where some valuable jewellery and the finest clothing lay were on display. He reached across and grabbed several prestigious items worth hundreds of septims. The hunter was elated with what he managed to steal and was eager to discover more in the Sisters' private quarters. He slowly entered another room where a feast of food lay on a nearby table. Unsurprisingly, it soon caught the attention of the Hunter, who had learnt to appreciate food far more considering how scarce it can be in the wild. 


The luck of the Hunter soon failed when he blundered, moving too fast towards the plentiful food while indoctrinated under its smell and sight. The floorboards above made several quick, sudden sounds, someone was awake. He frantically began stealing everything he could possibly carry as the sounds became louder and closer.



The sound of movement suddenly stopped and appeared to be replaced with the worrying sound of an unsheathed weapon. The Hunter turned around and saw a furious Endarie staring at him. His greed managed to get him caught in the act of theft. He quickly attempted to flee, unwilling to get himself into more of a mess through murder. He jumped on a dining table, crushing food and cutlery under his boots in a desperate attempt to escape.


The dagger wielding Endarie blocked the Hunter from escaping, lashing out at him with several fast and deadly strikes. The Hunter ran from corner to corner of the small room in an attempt to evade the frenzied elf, causing more destruction as sweet rolls and wine littered the wooden floorboards.

Taarie could be heard sprinting down the stairs to aid her sister so the Hunter did not hesitate to push Endarie aside, using the opportunity to flee from the clothing store.

The two sisters followed the Hunter outside in pursuit, driving the petrified Hunter away with a trail of stolen goods leaking from his clothes as he sprinted away.



The Hunter soon evaded the furious store owners in Solitude's narrow streets. Nevertheless, he was exhausted and embarrassed by the fact he was caught. He slowly walked back to the inn to lick his wounds and ponder on how much coin he could have had if he didn't let his obvious greed overcome him.


The final blow occurred just as the Hunter reached the door of The Winking Skeever. A guardsman stopped him with his weapon raised. He had clearly talked to the Altmer sisters as he was aware of the Hunter's crimes. The guard took his weapons, and led the exhausted thief to the infamous Dungeon of Castle Dour.


A few hours later, the Hunter found himself standing in a cramped cell wearing nothing but rags. The blundering fool had lost everything. He soon began to wonder whether it was all worth it, and established that city life wasn't for him.



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