Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Chapter 1: Curiosity of the Source

The Hunter of Blunders
- A Skyrim AAR -


I thought I'd share a few stories of my character in Skyrim. He's a pretty ineffective character, low level and all that jazz. He's been dumped into the middle of Skyrim's vast wilderness. His inventory stripped of nothing but his armour, bow, shield and a handful of arrows. He no longer has a single coin, nor a single potion, he has very little left. To make matters worse, this clumsy chap has to eat, drink and sleep thanks to a certain modification. He'll have to hunt for food and keep an essential supply of water. He will have to find a place to rest, whether it be a creepy cave or a abandoned bandit camp. He will have to find a way to make coin in order to treat himself to the warmth of a tavern or the taste of a sweet roll. He will have to do all to fight for his survival while a civil war rages across the land and Dragons darken the skies.

Chapter 1: Curiosity of the Source

Day 1, and our protagonist finds himself lost in the colossal wilderness of Skyrim. The nearest settlement from here is Morthal but the hunter has little interest in starting his journey there without some pelts to trade for the luxury of a warm bed and meal. A quick glance around the area led the hunter to investigate a slow stream of water running down the mountain rocks into the riverbed where he stood.

As he continued to explore up the steep gradient of rock and dirt, a sudden roar soon stopped him. T'was a bear. He took out his bow and crouched down low, shooting two arrows into his alerted foe.

It was evident to the Hunter that this particular bear wasn't such a happy fella any more as it stood up and let out a great roar. As a result, he continued to fire more arrows into the furious creature until it's punctured body crashed down to the Huntman's boots. A sense of achievement soon engulfed the hunter as he took the reward of the bear's pelt and continued his journey further up the mountain. The sight of a ravaged corpse did nothing to deter the now confident Nord nor did the blood stained rocks that he walked upon.

Soon enough the water disappeared from the Sun's eye into a natural cavern high in the mountains overlooking the Hjaalmarch. The hunter, still bold and upbeat about his earlier kill entered through the narrow opening to seek out treasure within.

To his disappointment, the cavern was small with little to be found in terms of treasure. A family of cave dwelling bears had taken refuge in here, feasting on a freshly caught elk and bathing in the cool waters of the Hjaalmarch region. The Hunter was given a sense of these creatures in a more gentle nature, they looked content and healthy with a feeling of a security provided by the cavern's walls of rock.

The hunter was frustrated by the lack of treasure. He didn't climb all the way up here for one feeble bear pelt and a handful of petty claws. Still foolishly confident from his earlier kill, he had the belief he could take on the relaxed bears within the Cavern and triple his trade for the journey to Morthal. He unsheathed his sword from his old covering, revealing himself to the bears.

The hapless hunter quickly found himself overwhelmed as the two disturbed bears charged towards him, smashing their claws against his shield while roaring at the fearful Nord. The cave invader delivered little damage, each swipe of his sword was met with a terrifying strike bruising and bleeding his sword arm. 

Realising he had met his match, he was fortunate enough to have dodged and evaded the bears to make a quick dash for the exit. His inflated ego and ignorance had got the better of him. What a blundering fool!

Le end.

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  1. Brady Ross-Minton26 May 2012 at 19:13

    You say you have some hunger and thirst mods installed? I would love to use it, but I don't see in under your list. Thanks!