Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Chapter 2: The Persistence of a Titan

Chapter 2: The Persistence of a Titan

The Hunter slowly moved his way back down the Mountain, and stood in the very spot within the river where he had previously began his confident climb to the sanctuary of the bears. He remained shocked and quickly realised that he would have to be more realistic in what he take on for now. A mere goat, elk or rabbit can still provide this fellow with a fine meal and a method of practice for his bow and sword.

The Hunter of Blunders wisely crossed the river in the complete opposite direction, wading through the streams of chilly water with the mountain of his embarrassment out of his sight. As he awkwardly crawled out of the meagre river, he looked to his left to see a bandit engaged in combat with a powerful female Revenant. He watched on as the Revenant devoured her victim.

As the bandit's corpse fell to the grassy ground, the masterful female glanced at the intrigued ranger near the riverside before promptly sprinting in his direction. The Hunter quickly navigated across the river yet again, turned his tail and fled.

With the Revenant in pursuit, the Hunter suddenly came across a giant club-wielding brute further down the river. He quickly evaded the Giant and continued to flee from the pursuing wizard. This immense creature was clearly attracted to the bright lights emerging from the Revenant's hands and providentially intercepted the chasing women. 

This encounter was just to get even more remarkable with another uninvited guest. A dragon swooped down the Mountains above, turned its majestic head to its side and gazed down at the relentless battle below between the Giant and the Revenant. The Hunter joyfully looked on and couldn't believe his luck.

The Hunter remained, his inquisitive nature had got the better of him and he didn't use this as an opportunity to flee. The Revenant could see the threatening Dragon behind the big brute that stood in front of her and was wise to move when the Dragon unleashed a stream of scorching flames towards the Giant.

It was the last the Hunter saw of the Dragon as it flew away in the general direction of Morthal. This gave the Revenant and the Giant the ability to finish their encounter without outside influence. However, this was not to be a long lasting battle with the Revenant failing to dodge a mighty strike by the enormous creature, sending her broken body to a tremendous height before crashing to the ground.

Despite his previous pursuer now dead, the result of the Hunter's failure to take the previous opportunity to run soon became clear as the Giant turned its attention to the Hunter himself.

The Giant chased the Hunter for hours, the pursuit headed east towards the swamps north of Morthal and below the grand city of Solitude. It was in the swamps that the Hunter found the aid he desperately needed from an unlikely source. A small company of four Thalmor Wizards had set up camp within the marshy wetlands and we're soon alerted to the Giant.

They quickly prepared all sorts of magical weaponry from the conjuring of Flame Atronachs to the destructive nature of lightning and fire balls in an attempt to bring the great beast down. The Hunter was fortunate enough to be completely ignored by these usually aggressive elves as they concentrated on the much larger threat.

Despite their efforts, the giant creature appeared to be hardly affected by the Aldmeri Dominion's wide range of magical powers and used its sheer strength and size to bring the fight to them. One by one, it struck down the Thalmor Wizards with its trusty club. 

The once quiet marshy habitat was completely changed with Thalmor corpses littering the shallow waters and flames engulfing the swamp's dead trees. The Giant was victorious, and with the Hunter now out of his sight by taking the opportunity to flee this time, returned back to the riverside where he was once foolishly interrupted.

The Hunter continued to move through the swamps, looking for a place to set up camp and rest after an eventful yet unsuccessful day in the wilderness of Skyrim.


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