Thursday, 8 March 2012

Chapter 3: The Macabre Marshes

Chapter 3: The Macabre Marshes

Following the gruesome battle across the marches between a hardy giant and the wise wizards of the Thalmor, the Hunter of Blunders decided it was best to begin searching for some much needed food after the challenges of the day from bears, dragons, giants and powerful mages. He was craving for a meal and clearly weakened from the harsh conditions the region provides. The situation looked bleak.

The Hunter got a true sense of just how sinister these marches unintentionally feel when a single broken and withered corpse of a Thalmor Wizard silently cut it's way through the murky waters. There was no doubt that this one of the Wizard who fell victim to the Giant's destructive club earlier in the day.

As the sun continued to descend and the lack of natural light continued to diminish, the Hunter of Blunders came across further strange objects within the Morthal marshes while persisting with his search for food. There appeared to be mysterious large blocks of ice, floating in the cool waters as if they once formed parts of a larger object.

The Hunter put his inquisitive nature aside, leaving the blocks of ice well alone, remaining focussed on his search for food. However, it was not long until the nature of these blocks of ice soon became clear. In the distance stood a large creature of Daedric origin, a rare Atronach formed through the element of air. It stood beside two corpses of frostbite spiders that it had clearly crushed to death. The Hunter wisely decided to keep his distance and avoid the rare creature. A tiresome chase wasn't what he needed.

He was soon reminded of his previous encounter with a Giant when one was spotted in combat with a foolish bandit. The Hunter pondered on whether it was the same Giant that had killed the Revenant and the four Thalmor Wizards. He assumed it was that familiar Giant and a small sense of sympathy for the enormous creature was endured by the Hunter as it had yet to find a way home due to more disturbances.

The Hunter's sights of an Air Atronach, frostbite spider corpses, bandits and a giant, suggested that these creepy wetlands were full of life, however he had yet to come across anything to fulfil his hunger. Fortunately, his search was shortly over when a lone goat was spotted shifting and turning in the thick grasses. A couple of arrows from the Hunter's bow brought down the little goat on a ever-growing ice sheet. The Hunter was overjoyed with his catch and eagerly moved in for a closer look at his meal. 

However, the Hunter's joy was cut short when suddenly an arrow not of his own flew out from the mist and hit the corpse of the unfortunate goat. A Redguard bandit revealed herself, aiming her bow at the frustrated huntsman.

The Hunter turned and faced his new foe, surprisingly trusting his sword and shield over his bow. He crouched down next to his claimed meal, deflecting and dodging the arrows of the advancing bandit. A fight for the goat ensued.

The bandit grew impatient at the lack of effect her arrows were making and soon desperately charged down to face the Hunter in melee with hope of claiming the goat for herself. She struck him with such power, speed and finesse with her meagre iron dagger, clearly showing her desperation for the contested goat.

Fortunately for the Hunter, it was a rare cause in which he was more than capable of defeating this opponent. After a short struggle, the bandit eventually fell to the ground and succumbed to her wounds. The Hunter of Blunders stood next to the goat and the now dead bandit. He quickly searched her body and came across three coins. The Hunter was elated that he had not only finally got himself a meal but also discovered his first few coins in a long time.

Overjoyed with his night time success, the Hunter set up a small camp using supplies picked up from the Thalmor Wizards, enjoyed a fine meal, and sat beside a small fire as he pondered on what Skyrim holds for him tomorrow.

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